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View of the front of Stanford Campus

From 2017-2020, homelessness in the Bay Area rose by 24% even as the rest of the country experienced declines.

With their resources and expertise, universities can be a powerful force for good in tackling the urgent housing crisis.

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We are a student-led initiative that connects the resources of universities to community partners in the Bay Area, empowering them to develop programs that advance housing and health equity for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Project Showcase: Helping develop a substance use disorder treatment program with LifeMoves

Substance use is disproportionately high among unhoused individuals. LifeMoves (one of our partners) has been developing a program to mitigate substance use disorder through education and counseling.

By tapping on Stanford's medical expertise, our team was able to add value to their work by creating and administering a comprehensive substance use assessment and referral program. Read about this project in Our Works

"The ongoing collaboration with the Stanford Housing Equity Project provides incredible and vital expertise in clinical care, educational programing, and data-driven program design."

Dr. Brian Greenberg, Vice President of LifeMoves

Sunset view from Stanford Campus

Join the fight against the housing crisis

For community partners/faculty/students interested in working with us, please drop us an email at